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At Clarkes Miami Beach, our mission is to provide our readers with exclusive information and insights about the illustrious city of Miami Beach. With a vision to become the go-to resource for all things Miami Beach, we strive to captivate our audience with captivating content and ensure they experience our vibrant city like a true local.

We started our journey back in 2005, when Luke Whitaker, a Miami Beach enthusiast and expert, recognized the need for a comprehensive online platform dedicated to showcasing the hidden gems and unique cultural experiences that Miami Beach has to offer. With a passion for storytelling and a deep understanding of the city’s ever-evolving landscape, Luke decided to establish Clarkes Miami Beach.

Founder: Luke Whitaker

Luke Whitaker, a Miami native, has been a guiding force in promoting Miami Beach as more than just a tourist destination. With a background in journalism and hospitality, Luke brings a unique perspective to Clarkes Miami Beach. His expertise, combined with his love for the city, has allowed him to curate a team of experienced and highly skilled editors, content creators, and photographers who share his passion for delivering insightful and engaging content.

Purpose of the Website

As Miami Beach continues to flourish, it is essential for both locals and visitors to have access to accurate and insider information. Thus, we created the Clarkes Miami Beach website as the digital hub to cater to the growing interest in our vibrant city. Our website serves as a reliable source of information, allowing readers to discover the beautiful nuances of Miami Beach from the comfort of their own homes.

Website Objective

Our objective at Clarkes Miami Beach is to present an exclusive glimpse into the authentic Miami Beach experience and help our audience delve into its vibrant culture, rich history, and alluring neighborhoods. Through our thoughtfully crafted articles, detailed guides, and stunning visuals, we aim to inspire readers to explore beyond the beaten path and experience the true essence of Miami Beach.

Target Audience

The Clarkes Miami Beach website is primarily dedicated to individuals with a keen interest in immersing themselves in the Miami Beach lifestyle. While our content is accessible to everyone, our target audience includes:

  • Travel enthusiasts looking to discover the hidden gems of Miami Beach
  • Locals seeking up-to-date information and recommendations
  • Foodies eager to explore the diverse culinary scene
  • Culture aficionados interested in local events, art, and music

Unique Value

What sets Clarkes Miami Beach apart is the synergy of our expert team members, who tirelessly contribute their vast knowledge and experience to produce high-quality content. Our team of seasoned editors ensures that every article on our website is accurate, thoroughly researched, and engaging.

In addition to the diligent efforts of our team, we guarantee authenticity in every recommendation and highlight we make. We take pride in carefully curating our content, showcasing the local businesses, attractions, and events that celebrate the true essence of Miami Beach.

At Clarkes Miami Beach, our website serves as a virtual guidebook, allowing readers to embark on remarkable adventures and create cherished memories amidst the vibrant energy of our beloved city.

So, whether you are a local Miamian or a curious traveler, join us and experience Miami Beach like never before at Clarkes Miami Beach.

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